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Pain Control

Transformative Pain Control Technique

Handle pain better with the help of Nicholas Pollak CHt of in Los Angeles, California. A useful relaxation technique, hypnosis for pain control may be just what you need to cope with post-surgery pain and injuries.

Pain Control

Pain Evaluation

The human brain can easily produce endorphins that decrease pain, and hypnosis is one of the best ways to promote that. However, it is important to consult your doctor to find the cause of pain before attempting any type of pain relief. You should never use hypnosis to control pain or take pain-controlling medication without knowing why you are in pain.

Pain and Hypnosis

You will not be bothered by pain if you are relaxed. But telling yourself to relax might be ineffective in some cases, such as when you’ve closed your finger in the car door. Relaxation, or more appropriately, deep relaxation, is a useful technique for gaining control of chronic pain. Hypnosis has been shown effective in managing many types of pain, including:

Back Pain | Pain Associated with Childbirth | Angioplasty | Phantom Limb Pain | Leukemia |Headaches | Pre & Post Operative Pain | Body Aches & Pains

Warning about Hypnosis

No treatment, chemical, physical, or psychological, has ever been proven to be effective 100% of the time. However, hypnosis has been proven effective in pain management for a range of situations. Thus, it is considered a useful tool and a safe way for patients to deal with pain.

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