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Give Yourself a Better Life
With Clinical Hypnotherapy

To help each and every client change the behaviours they get to the behaviours they want.

Hypnosis for Smoking, Panic,
Anxiety, Sleep, and More

Confidential One On One Hypnotherapy Sessions

Panic and Anxiety

Anxiety panic attacks are caused by a wide variety of factors. Having the right mindset is key to overcoming these attacks. The same goes for treating different fears. is here to give aid through the wonders of hypnotherapy.


While stress is common, too much of it results in serious problems such as lower work performance and an unhealthy lifestyle. Hypnosis is one of the best stress management techniques today, and we are here to provide that solution.

Pain Control

People in pre or post-surgery and those suffering from physical pain may experience a difficult time recovering. Hypnotherapy is a proven relaxation technique that promotes pain control, helping people overcome chronic as well as acute pain.


When you choose to stop smoking and lose weight, these can be tough tasks, and you need the right kind of mental fortitude to overcome the challenges of achieving a healthier lifestyle as well as improving self confidence and self esteem. With the help of hypnosis, your health goals will be within reach.

Experienced Hypnotist in Los Angeles

Change your behavior for the better with hypnotherapy by in Los Angeles, California. Nicholas Pollak CHt is our hypnotherapist who has more than 27 years of experience in the field. Our staff can help you in your office or home, and can provide support by phone or through video. Set up an appointment by contacting us today.

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