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Stroke Victims

Learn techniques to assist you to regain limb function and feeling caused by stroke.


Learn great techniques to improve and gain your motivation.

Self-Confidence and Esteem

Learn techniques to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. Become more positive and focused resulting in improved performance at work as well as socially.

Stress Management

Learn techniques to ease your stress, become calmer and more focused, and become more organized with your daily life.

Public Speaking And Performance Anxiety

American’s #1 fear. Rid yourself of unfounded anxiety Learn techniques to help you relax in front of an audience and to speak or perform with clarity and confidence.

Motivation and Assertiveness

Learn techniques to break down those old barriers preventing you from attaining your goals and dreams. Understand your blocks and become more motivated and assertive in all areas of your life.


Learn techniques to gain motivation and confidence for your sales calls, presentations and time management.

Success, Happiness and Optimum Health

Learn techniques to create the success you want which leads to improved happiness and health. When you gain the success you want happiness and improved health are the positive results.


Learn techniques to assist you to think in areas you may have missed before. Learn to think “outside the box”.

Acting, Dancing, Performance Anxiety and Sports Improvement

Rid yourself of unfounded anxiety. Learn techniques to help you relax in front of an audience and to speak or perform with clarity and confidence. Improve your sports performance with powerful and highly effective visualization techniques.

Concentration & Focus

Learn techniques to sharpen your concentration and focus. As your skills improve so will your ability to retain knowledge, which will create improved social and work environments.


Learn techniques to help you stop putting off what needs to be done today for tomorrow. Learn to understand your blocks and to act now.

Relationship Issues

Learn to understand your behaviors and those of your partner. With understanding comes knowledge and a clear insight as to how to be happy within a relationship, or, help yourself to create new relationships with a much clearer understanding of people’s behaviors.

Headaches / Migraines

Learn to use the powerful relaxation techniques of hypnotherapy to ease your pain and relax your tensed body areas.

Preparation for Surgery

Use Hypnotherapy to prepare for surgery by relaxation, slowing the body functions, reduce blood loss and relieve any anxiety associated with the surgery.

Post Surgical Healing

Use powerful hyppnotherapy to visualize quick and effective healing as well as reducing the overall healing time after surgery.

Pain Control

Learn effective techniques to reduce pain and to manage it more effectively. Create a better and more manageable lifestyle as a result.


Make dental visits more pleasant by reducing your anxiety and fear of drills and needles as well as relaxation techniques for sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Phobias, Fears, Anxiety Attacks

Learn techniques that specifically deal with these potentially serious and debilitating issues, and, improve the quality of your life as a result. Let ! go of the issues that are holding you back from your fullest potential.

Cancer & Chemo Symptom Relief

Learn visualization techniques to assist you with your fight with cancer as well as techniques to deal with the Chemotherapy side effects.

Insomnia, Better Sleep

Learn techniques to slow your mind for a restful sleep state. Learn ways to relax and create A mental state of mind allowing you to gain those hours of sleep that you have been missing.

Study Habits and Exam Anxiety

Learn techniques to improve memory retention and your desire to study. Use powerful visualizations to eliminate exam anxiety and to gain the results that your hard work deserve.

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