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Helpful Methods for Stopping Smoking, Losing Weight, Improving Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Pursue your weight loss plans better and make stopping smoking easier with hypnotherapy from in Los Angeles, California. With help from our hypnotherapist Nicholas Pollak CHt, your health goals become more achievable.

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Kicking the Habit*

Smoking is an addictive habit, but through hypnosis, we transfer the pleasure derived from smoking to a healthier habit of your choice. Hypnosis has a 73% success rate for smokers, whereas other methods only have a 45% success rate.

When You Become an Ex-Smoker*

What would be benefits of not smoking over time? Read these results from the 1990 US Surgeon General’s Report and remember, that results may vary from person to person.*

• After 20 Minutes: The Heart Rate Drops*
• After 12 Hours: Blood Carbon Monoxide Level Drops To Normal*
• After 3-4 Days: Nicotine Is out of Your System*
• After 2 Weeks to 3 Months: Circulation Improves and Lung Function Increases*
• After 6-9 Months: Coughing and Shortness of Breath Decrease*
• After 1 Year: Excess Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Is Half That of a Smoker’s*
• After 5 Years: Stroke Risk Is Reduced to That of a Nonsmoker*
• After 10 Years: Lung Cancer Death Rate Is about Half That of a Continuing Smoker’s*
• After 15 Years: Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Is Half That of a Nonsmoker’s*

*These are individual results and may vary from person to person. These are results from a 1990 report and may not reflect the results you will see.

Smoking and Weight Loss

Stopping smoking through hypnosis gives you a huge sense of relief and elation. It also makes losing weight more enjoyable. Through hypnosis, you eventually hit your desired weight by addressing the root cause of weight gain and overcoming conflicting desires. You also get the following benefits:

Decreased or Increased Appetite | Reduced Desire for Fatty Foods | Improved Eating Habits | Increased Motivation to Exercise | Increased Desire for Healthy Foods

Reducing Sweets

Research shows sugar can accelerate the aging process and weaken the immune system. It also contributes to raising stress levels, increasing the risk of Type II diabetes, and creating more fat in your body. Sugar and sweets are fine in small, infrequent doses. But cutting back on them will help keep you healthier and happier.

Reducing Binge Eating

One of the most common challenges to weight loss is controlling late-night snacking habits. Hypnosis is the perfect tool to re-educate your subconscious and reduce your cravings. Remember, weight loss occurs with a change in lifestyle, and we can help you take the first steps.

Regulating the Appetite

The brain transmits hunger signals to the body when it lacks the calories to maintain sufficient energy, making you susceptible to overeating. Hypnotherapy helps that part of your brain by regulating your appetite. With a more controlled diet, reducing your calorie intake and achieving your weight loss goals becomes an easier task.


Confidence and Self Esteem

The ideal, is to live our dreams before it is too late. 
It is very important to take some action toward your goals and dreams each and every day.

No matter how big or how small, take some action toward them each and every day.

Don’t wait. Take immediate action each and every day. Create a picture of what you want. Make it as vivid, focused and as real as you possibly can.

We all have abilities and powers that we are not even aware of. We were born with these powers and throughout our lives we have been taught all kinds of things. We learned how to walk, read, write, eat, tie our shoelaces and much much more, but not how to harness the amazing power of our subconscious minds.

We go through our lives never really doing the things we need to, to have the things we really want. Success, happiness and prosperity.


(Action not words)

Think back to when you were learning something for the very first time. Think about how your self-confidence and self-esteem is tied to what you can do. Notice how you feel better when you have mastered something new. As your effort increases, your self-confidence grows.

Self-esteem is more fundamental and is about the feeling of being worth something. A good sports man can have a huge success and self-confidence, because he’s good at his sport. At the same time his self-esteem can be low, if others have never acknowledged him for the person he is, but only for his sports performances.

Low self-confidence shows as a constant feeling of insecurity, self-criticism and sense of guilt.
Self-confidence is when you feel well balanced and comfortable.



Some people just have it, as if they were born to it. To talk in front of a crowd of people, sell themselves at job interviews or to start an interesting conversation with people they’ve never met before.

Instead of generating heart palpitations, breathing difficulties and sweaty hands you can develop self-confidence gradually as you work toward your goals. You build up your courage to do what self-assured people find natural.

Self-confidence is an important part of life. Stop avoiding those things that you want to attain.

As children we believe we can be and do anything. If we don’t believe that we can and dare to try, we will avoid certain situations because of our fear of failing. Then we will never prove to ourselves that we can do what we set our minds to. Many aim lower than they actually should in their careers. They avoid an exam because they are afraid of doing badly. They search for a job with a lower risk. If we constantly think of failing
then, unfortunately, we unconsciously head straight for it. Thinking of success gears your sub-conscious to success. We are what we think we are.

People with low self-esteem listen to other people’s advice, instead of listening to their own inner voice. . Perhaps they do something to please others. Perhaps they don’t do anything because they fear negative reactions from others. Or they might be individualists and would rather do things on their own.

Regardless of fear and shyness you have to get out of yourSelf- imposed shell to improve your self-confidence. Be more visible to your surroundings. Do things differently from the way you would normally do things. Break the vicious circle of negative thinking and imaging. Try yourself in different situations. We all have many great abilities.

Call me to help you unleash the new more confident you.


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