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Alternative Stress Management Solution

Deal with any situation through stress management with hypnotherapy4you.net in Los Angeles, California. By starting hypnotherapy with Nicholas Pollak CHt, you improve your work and sports performance and motivation, with better work and social relationships and also
achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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Sources of Stress

Most of us think of stressful situations as being negative, such as illness or the loss of a loved one. However, positive events like moving to a new home, getting a promotion, or getting married can also induce stress. Stress comes from external and internal sources, such as the environment, the body, and various thoughts and emotions.

Stress and Health

Stress has also been linked to many health problems, such as heart attack and stroke. WebMD™ estimates that over 75% of all doctor visits are stress-related. Being overstressed can lead to the following effects:

Poor Work Performance | Sleep Issues | Absent-Mindedness | Decreased Interest in Activities | Addictions

Reducing Stress

Hypnosis is useful in stress reduction, as it allows your mind to become more attuned to yourself and your surroundings. For better results, it  can also be combined with the following techniques:

Meal Planning | Time Management | Assertiveness Training | Visualization | Meditation | Regulated Breathing Exercises | Job Stress Management | Biofeedback

Benefits of Managing Stress

People who respond well to stress and know how to prevent unnecessary anxiety are typically peak performers. Effectively managing stress and anxiety will:

• Increase Your Energy and Focus
Allow You to Deal Effectively with Authority, Roles, and Limits
Increase Your Tolerance to Frustration during Difficult Circumstances
Let You Adapt to Change and Prosper From It
Help You to Develop a Sense of Belonging
Let You Show Friendliness, Care, and Love
Allow You to Enjoy Recreation
Permit You to Relax and Sleep Better
Free Your Sense of Humor and Ability to Laugh at Yourself
Let You Demonstrate a Reasonable Sense of Independence and Self-Reliance

Hypnosis Study on Stress

In a recent study at Ohio State University, medical students who received hypnosis were able to significantly reduce exam-time stress. Furthermore, blood samples revealed that these students' immune systems became stronger after several hypnosis sessions.